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Nootrocan 1500mg 5% Full-Spectrum CBD Nootropic Tincture - 30ml

Nootrocan 1500mg 5% Full-Spectrum CBD Nootropic Tincture - 30ml

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Novel Food application number: RP438


Crafted from premium organically grown hemp in the USA and blended with carefully selected ingredients, the Nootrocan 1500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Nootropic Oils offer a natural and potent solution for enhancing cognitive function. With a 5% strength, this product is designed to improve memory, focus, and energy levels. Regular use of these Nootrocan CBD Oils can provide users with the synergistic benefits of all the natural compounds found in cannabis, promoting a sense of calm and well-being. The included calibrated tincture dropper allows for precise dosing from the 30ml bottle. Each batch of Nootrocan Full Spectrum CBD undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure safety, purity, and potency, with minimal THC content.

  • 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • 5% Strength
  • 30ml Bottle
  • Nootropic
  • Derived from 100% USA Organic Hemp
  • 50mg Per Serving
  • Oral Calibrated Dropper With Each Bottle
  • Lab-tested for Safety, Purity, and Potency
  • Supershroom Mix Per 1ml Drop - 125mg Reishi, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps.
  • Relax & Unwind Per 1ml Drop - 250mg Reishi, Rhodiola Rosea.
  • Focus & Memory Per 1ml Drop - 250mg Lions Mane, Pannex Gingseng.
  • Plant-Based Immunity Per 1ml Drop - 250mg Cordyceps, 50mg Guarana, 125mg Ginko Biloba.

    Super Shroom Mix
    Ingredients: Alcohol, Purified Water, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Cordyceps, Full Spectrum CBD Extract.

    Relax & Unwind
    Ingredients: Alcohol, Purified Water, Reishi, Rhodiola Rosea, Full Spectrum CBD Extract.

    Focus & Memory
    Ingredients: Alcohol, Purified Water, Lions Mane, Pannex Gingseng, Full Spectrum CBD Extract.

    Plant Based Immunity
    Ingredients: Alcohol, Purified Water, Cordyceps, Guarana, Ginko Biloba, Full Spectrum CBD Extract.

    Plant Based Boost
    Ingredients: Alcohol, Purified Water, Turkey Tail, Bacopa Monnieri, Full Spectrum CBD Extract.

    THC Content<0.2%

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